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myPublications has been upgraded to the latest version. Full details of the changes are available on the support portal.


New: automatically add / reject outputs

myPublications has traditionally used your name and institutional affiliation(s) to search the millions of outputs in online databases and return anything that it thinks may be a match. Depending on the commonality of your name this can be imprecise and therefore you need to confirm the results. It will often find records that are not yours, or miss others.


myPublications now scans the online data for a range of IDs - including ORCID, Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and even your email address - to automate the claiming of both past and future publications.


Update and control your IDs by selecting 'Automatic claiming' from the 'Manage box' under the 'Menu' tab. If confirmed, myPublications will automatically claim all publications which include that ID and continue to do so for future outputs. Conversely, by declaring that an ID is not yours, then all outputs with that ID will be automatically rejected.


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